Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Read & Watched in September & October

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share some more books, movies and TV shows with you. While talking about some amazing novels I've read during my vacation, I also wanna share the books I was planning on reading in October. So this video was recorded a while back and if you go to my channel, you'll actually find my reading vlogs. I will not do a seperate post about those, but I'll like them down below and share the books I actually read in October as well.

Let's move on to the October vlogs. We actually did something called #Scaralong which is a month-long readathon all about scary books. I had lots of fun this year and so many great book, that I desperately wanted to share with you all. So here we go. You can see which books from my TBR I actually managed to pick up!

I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know any books you've read recently. 
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Take care, bye!

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