Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Birthday Gifts 2017

Hey guys,

Last week was my birthday and I still wanted to share my birthday gifts with all of you. I don't wanna prag but I have the best friends & family in the world. Even my colleagues absolutely spoiled me. So I had a wonderful birthday and the only sad thing is, that not all of my friends could be physically with me. So I unwrapped the presents on camera for them, so they can see my initial reactions, which is pretty... good. :D

So anything you'd like to hear more about? It's not much beauty related stuff but that's always hard to get for someone. :)

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Take care, bye!


  1. Hast du dir Crimson Peak schon angeschaut? Ich bin super gespannt auf den Film.

    1. Ja, er hat mir gut gefallen. Er war gruseliger, als ich gedacht hatte, aber auch wirklich spannend und ein bisschen twisty... Und natürlich Tom Hiddleston.