Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Halloween Looks 2016 - perfect for men!

Metal Corpse Paint
Hey guys,

Today I wanted to show you our Halloween looks. It's a bit late, I am sorry, but we threw a pretty fun dinner party and that consumed a lot of our time. We had a lovely time, since we both love cooking a lot. If you're interested in our daily meals, check out my food blog! Apart from that I had to paint our faces. And that's my favorite thing about Halloween. :D

My boyfriend actually went to two Halloween parties, so I can show you three looks alltogether. All these looks are perfect for men/boys. They vary in skill-level required though. I am not 100% happy with them, but I had a lot of fun and that's what it's all about. :D

I hope you had a save and fun Halloween. I can't wait for next year's. Also, here's a picture of our Jack O'Laterns. :D

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Take care, bye!

Muscle Man

Jack Skellington

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