Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kiko Haul Spring 2016

Hey guys,

a couple of days ago Kiko had an exciting deal where you could buy three items and get three items for free. I really couldn't pass that up because I love me some Kiko. I haven't bought new makeup in a while because I basically have anything I'd ever need, but sometimes it's just fun. So basically I decided to get three things for myself and then three things to give to a friend. I wasn't so bad then. I got two skincare products and one makeup item for myself. Lately I've been trying to care better for my skin. Also I've been using up some stuff so it actually makes sense to buy something new. After all I am happy with my purchase, so here's my haul video. :D

If you decided to get anything, let me know!

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Take care, bye!

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