Friday, January 29, 2016

Used up - January 2016

Hey guys,

I have used up some products and wanted to show you my empties. These posts are always super exciting for me because I love using things up. Unfortunately it's really hard to repurchase things you liked because stores change up their stock frequently. But oh well, time to review!

  • bebe Young Care Relaxing Day&Night Cream - autobuy, I always have one of these
  • bebe Young Care Calming Care cream - broke me out, I used it on my neck mostly
  • Soap & Glory Scrub of your Life - very nice, you get a lot of uses out of it, would repurchase in summer time
  • Balea Shower Cream with Lime and Aloe Vera - did not like, weird scent
  • Illamasqua Freak perfume - ok, but not tooo in love, autumn scent
  • Chloe See perfume - ok, but nothing I'd buy, spring scent
  • Dove go fresh deodorant - very heavy duty, but definitely secure, would rebuy for stressful situations
  • Hello Kitty lip balm - hated it, did not do anything, weird scent
  • Heymountain Vamos Bath Tab - no too impressed by the scent, moisturizing effect very good
  • Heymountain Wake up Body Scrub - love the effect, scrubbing but moisturizing, fresh scent
  • Heymountain Camomille hand and foot cream - not moisturizing enough, scent a bit weird but ok
  • Heymountain Sexy Eyes Eye Cream - autobuy, I always have one of these
  • Balea Lavender face mask - did not like, broke me out
  • Schebens Luxury face mask - ok, not blown away though
  • Balea Moisturizing face mask - not my thing, a bit slippery on the skin
  • Luvos Heilerde face mask - very nice and fun, loved it, not for my skin type though
  • Yves Rocher sebo specifique Clarifying Lotion - went off, horrible break-outs, not for my skin type
  • lash curler

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Take care, bye!

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