Friday, December 4, 2015

Dressday #58

Hey guys,

a couple of weeks ago I had a job interview. I've shown you the GRWM already. But it was also a Dressday because I wore this outfit and I wanted to share it in a bit more detail. As I said, this was a while ago but I never got around to put it on the blog. But well, here we go.

The top is from Boohoo. I love the collar even though it's kinda tricky. It doesn't want to lay flat. Oh well, I still like the top. It's actually a body suit and I love pairing those with skirts. That way the top won't go all wrinkly. It has a nice dark blue color, so it's not boring black but still neutral and dark.

The skirt is from Orsay. It has a nice material. I know it looks kinda wrinkly in the picture but in real life it actually looked fine. I love pencil skirts, they give a great figure. Also the color is again neutral but not too boring. I own the matching blazer but I felt like that would be too much. 

I only paired some black tights and simple black heels with it. The heels are not too high because I wanted to feel secure and natural. You don't wanna go to a job interview worrying about every step you take. So these shoes worked perfectly for me.

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Take care, bye!

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