Friday, November 13, 2015

Dressday #56

Hey guys,

Another week, another dressday. Kind of. :D Well, you know. Let's get started. I don't even remember where we went but I wore this outfit for some kind of party or occasion. The dress I got from my lovely American friend Cassie. She absolutely knows my style. I love the black and white detail. 

With that I paired some new tights. I got these in a sale recently. I fell in love with the design instantly. I thought buying a new beautiful pair of tights would really make me wear more skirts and dresses again. It seems like it worked out. :D Also I paired my favorite shoes with it. I love those, I'm gonna need new ones soon.

My makeup is ridiculous. I don't know why I even show you this. I did it basically in the dark. My lighting is rubbish at night. I guess you can totally see that. :D Well well, here's how not to do a winged liner.

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Take care, bye!

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