Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dessday #57

Hey guys,

yes, I have another Dressday post. So proud. And I honetly love this outfit to pieces. The dress is definitiely one of my alltime favorite clothing items. I love the shape it gives. Also I never thought that brown would look good on me but I acually love it. But the cut is just what is so special about this dress. Finally it's just super soft and cozy. What else could you possibly want?

I added my octopus scarf to the outfit. The tan color goes beautifully with the brown dress. I really like the color combination. And it has an octopus-print. I don't need another excuse to wear it.

Naturally I wore my new polkadot-tights with it again. These are just so adorable and special. I love them. They are very neutral but add fun to the outfit with the dots.

Obviously I am wearing some warm socks my mom made. Those are a cold-weather-staple for me. There's not much thinking going into wearing them. :D 

Finally you probably all know my boots. I wear them everyday. They are gorgeous - and easy to slip into.

Well well, what do you think? Nice autumn outfit?
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Take care, bye!

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