Monday, October 5, 2015

Used up: September 2015

Hey guys,

I really am late with this post but last week was really eventful. We went to a beautiful wedding and other stuff happened as well. So here you can see a video about stuff that I've used up (more or less) recently. Hope you enjoy. :)

  • Avril Lavigne Black Star perfume - so happy it's gone xD
  • Heymountain Sexy Eyes Eye Cream - just repurchased!
  • Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask - quite a nice product :)
  • Cherry Culture Watermelon lip balm - loved it for summer! <3 span="">
  • Bebe Young Care Intensive Care - not for me
  • Bebe Young Care Lovely Shower Gel - good stuff
  • Heymountain Good Night Rose Toner - well, didn't do too much...
  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit face scrub - too much for dry skin, horrible scent!
  • Heymountain Dancehall Crushers - well well...
  • Heymountain Lemon Demon - usually my favorite! but forgot it in the closet -.-
  • tetesept Sinnesperlen in Hüttenzauber - super pretty stuff :)

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Take care, bye!

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