Friday, August 14, 2015

Dressday #52

Hey guys,

I am giving it another try. :D I am just rubbish with outfits lately... I haven't even started the August outfits video yet... I've been wearing stuff, obviously, but I forget to film it or take pictures because it's actually hot here (yay!) and the first thing I do when I enter my apartment: strip. :D Yes... Ok, now onto this Dressday post.

So this happened when I went out to by food. :D I am so lazy with clothing right now. I just wore the striped skirt I got from Boohoo. This skirt is so incredibly beautiful, I can't handle it. Unfortunately I am not too sure what to wear with it, so here it's just a plain tee. This top is super old and it makes my boobs look huuuuge. That's why I rarely wear it. It's like Atomic Titten. ;) (What a German pun...)

So with that crazy Barbie shirt I wore those cute little pink ballet flats. I love those and had them for ages as well. Lately they've given me blisters, though... Don't know what happened to my feet. And summer essential #1 for me: sun glasses. Mine are actually improving my sight as well. They might not be too fashionable, but honestly I don't like glasses on my face... So that's that. Have a lovely weekend. Maybe there'll be a new Dressday post next week. No promises.

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Take care, bye!

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