Friday, July 17, 2015

Dressday #51

Hey guys,

So today I do not want to be late. I do not want to miss it all together. I am going to present you a new Dressday post at exactly the moment in time when it is supposed to be there. :D I am so good.

So we went out in Wednesday and I was not feeling this outfit what so ever... So please be nice and tell me it looks good. Sometimes anything other than a T-shirt and jeans feels to wrong... But looking at the pictures I quite like it. I wanted to wear the skirt I got in my Boohoo haul. Funny enough, this is the piece I was most unsure about and it is also the piece I wore most often now.

Yeah, out of focus...
With that I paired this cute little blouse. I don't know whether they match, but I found the color would kinda go together. At least the buttons  match the skirt, I guess. Also I wore black tights with it again, because we are still waiting for the next heatwave here. It should start today. We'll see. And again my sumemr shoes. I am soooo boring with my shoe-choices... Sry guys. :D I'll work on that. <3 nbsp="" span="">

Hope you enjoyed this. Please let me know your thoughts! Follow me on Twitter as well.  :)

Take care, bye!

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