Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dressday #50

Oh dear me,

obviously there was no Dressday post last week. Because it is so difficult to write a few words and take two pictures. But to be fair, last Friday I found out that I was not chosen for my dream job and I didn't feel like glaming up and celebrating. So it's ok. But now I am looking forward.

So this is #50. Wow, I can't believe we ever got that far. :) So yesterday we had a nice dinner party with a few cocktails. One of my friend's is actually getting married next week. It's crazy. I am very very excited because I am going to do her makeup for the day and also bake cakes and I really hope it's going to be an amazing day. :) 

But back to yesterday. I wore this cute Boohoo dress I hauled a while ago. I love this dress, it has a really nice collar that I enjoy a lot. Also it's very bodycon. With that I paired my new navy blue blazer I got from Orsay. I love this thing. But the size.... This is practically like size zero here, and I have boobs, so I shouldn't fit into the smallest size of a blazer... o0 But it is beautiful and I am glad I got in on sale. Also I paired some dark tights with it and my normal black shoes because I wanted to walk to the restaurant. You will see the full magic of this outfit in my July Outfit video. But until then you can enjoy these photos. 

We'll see whether there will be a post on Friday. :D

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Take care, bye!

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