Friday, June 26, 2015

Dressday #48

Hey guys,

I hope you're glad to hear that I wanna bring back the Dressday challenge. :) I had a bit of a break because I definitely need it every once in a while. Also I started doing monthly outfit videos and it seemed a bit pointless to do both. But I actually really wanna bring this series back and since we have autumnal weather right now, we're going to start of with this one.

As you can see I am wearing the Boohoo dress I got thinking I wouldn't be wearing it for the next few month. Actually I've worn it twice now. Well, thanks, June, for the amazing rainy cloudiness. :D But I love this dress. I paired it with the striped turtleneck and white tights. I am wearing my favorite summer shoes with it. Also I had to put on my coat because it was so cold.  

I think that's all for today. Anyone excited that I bring this challenge back? I am!

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Take care, bye!


  1. Ich finds immer wieder toll, dass du den Dressday weiter durchziehst - aus meinem Vorhaben ist leider nichts geworden (wobei ich auch dem Wetter einen großen Anteil daran gebe).

    1. Witzigerweise klappt es bei mir vor allem in den kalten Jahreszeiten. xD Keine Ahnung, woran das liegt.