Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cat Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes? - Rant, Discussion, Demo

Hey guys,

Today I wanna talk to you about Graphic Black Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes. I tried to do this as a tutorial but then I got pissed because it didn't work out and then it ended up as a bit of a rant. I hope you get my point and I'd love to hear your opinion on it. 

So I feel like this video can come across a bit too mean. Obviously there are no restrictions to what you can or can't do. Makeup is there for fun, mainly, and you can do whatever you feel comfortable with. I just wanted to show you this trick I've seen in so many videos but it's not going to be completely perfect. And maybe there's just no perfect way. Next week I will show you how to achieve a cat eye look with hooded eyes. I think that's an easier alternative to using liquid eyeliner. Stay tuned for that and don't mind this kinda negative video. :)

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