Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Year 2014

Hey guys,

before the year is finally over I wanted to share with you a few things that happened in my life in 2014. I hope you enjoy this. I like to look back at these posts to remember things. So it's not only for you but also for my future self. :D

Best things that happened?
  • vacation in Greece
  • almost finished my studies
  • found 11 people to interview for Master Thesis 
Done first time this year?
  • written a Master Thesis
  • qualitative research
Word of the year?
  • work
Gained or lost weight?
  • neither nor
City of the year?
  • Rhodes (well worth a visit)
Longer or shorter hair?
  • still the same
Spend more or less money?
    • less, I would say
    Been in hospital?
    • Nope…
    In love?
    • still 100% :D
    Most called person?
    • my Grandma
    Most time spend with?
    • this will probably never change: my cat :D
    Most precious time spend with?
    • my boyfriend again (especially on our first wonderful vacation)
    Book of the year?
    • The Help and Hectors Search For Happiness or whatever the title is xD
    Movie of the year?
    • Interstellar without a doubt
    Song of the year?
    • I've got a whole post on this and honestly I can't really decide... maybe something by Lana del Rey
    TV-Series of the year?
    • True Detective! All the way.
    Three unnecessary things?
    • master thesis, family parties, jobs
    2014 in one word?
    • interviews
    Have a lovely and save New Years Eve and a good start in a happy New Year. :D


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