Thursday, August 14, 2014

Used up! First Video July 2014

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share a few empties with you. I was too lazy to type it all into the laptop. Let me know which kind of Used up! you prefer. :)

bebe more Moisturizer: 
+ didn't break me out
- wasn't moisturizing enough for me
- not the greatest scent

Florena Creme Öl shower gel (Orchid Scent)
- hated the scent
- didn't feel too clean or fresh after using it

Fenial body lotion (Orchid Scent)
- hated the scent
- didn't moisturize too well

bebe Young Care Soft Deobalsam
+ scent is ok
- not too much of a protection (still got sweaty and smelly after a while)

Heymountain Pretty Face Face Cleanser
+ face felt really clean
+ nice smell
- a bit drying

Rose Petal Salve
+ nice lip moisturizer
- too sticky to use anywhere else

Heymountain Piiieeetsch Sugar Scrub
+/- don't remember anything about it xD

Heymountain Darling Pretty Face Scrub
+ love the scent
- too harsh and drying, so only for occasionally use

Shiseido Facial Moisturizing Lotion Concentrate
+ nice sunscreen scent
- not a good moisturizer
- weird packaging for the sample

Heymountain Spudelatius Bath Tab
+ nice moisturizing effect
- the scent faded way too fast

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Take care, bye!

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