Sunday, March 30, 2014

Used up! The Body Shop Body Butter

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share with you this body butter that I have used up. I won it in a give-away by Puminchen, which is a great German blogger. I am really sad that I have finished this. But I guess this was a smaller size. Correct me, if I am wrong. I think I can't get Body Shop products here, which is really sad because I did enjoy using this a lot.

As you may remember I am not a body lotion person. I just hate the feeling of stuff in my skin and I usually am just too lazy after showering... So I used this mainly for my neck. I used this every night before going to bed. I have some issues with moisturizing my neck as well, because I hate that dragging feeling sometimes. It makes me feel like I am strangeled. So I did not have that issue with this body butter, it's really smooth and moisturizing, sinks into the skin quickly... It's pretty much everything I needed for my neck. So I really enjoyed it and I would repurchase it if I could.

By the way, I guess this is the original scent. I would love to try other scents as well, but I can't, unfortunately...

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Take care, bye!


  1. Freut mich, dass Dir die Bodybutter gefallen hat :)!

    1. Ja, wirklich schade, dass sie jetzt alle ist. :(