Sunday, February 9, 2014

Used up! Heymountain Vallee de Mai Conditioning Cream

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to quickly talk about the Heymountain Conditioning Cream that I have used up. It was just a sample but it lasted a few uses. I usually do not talk about hair stuff here because I am not into that. I am very lucky with my hair and I can get away with using normal drugstore stuff. But this time I wanted to mention it because I like Heymountain a lot and it's a bit more interesting I guess.

So these conditioning creams can be used as a mask before you shower or as a normal conditioner. You only need the tiniest amount than because they are super potent. They do what a conditioner would do: they detangle the hair, give shine and moisture and smell nice. So if you have quite dry hair I really recommend these. 

This particular one has kind of a weird scent. It's floral but also has a creamy note to it. I didn't like it too much but it really depends on the person. ^^ I used it as a normal conditioner. My hair is pretty normal, not on the dry side, so I used only I tiny bit. Otherwise you would end up with creasy hair after the shower! Since this doesn't have weird chemicals in it it works a little different from other conditioners I use. So I like to run my fingers through the hair when I apply conditioner to see whether it detangles everything. With this one it didn't work. But after this has set for maybe a minute or two and you rinse it out your hair is perfectly managable. :)

So I really liked this stuff. With my hair I don't really need that extra moisture right now and it is more expensive than drugstore. But it's great for people with dryer hair. :)

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