Friday, February 28, 2014

Dressday #35

Hey guys,

This is another birthday celebration outfit. :D I wore this for my grandpa's birthday. I absolutely love this dress and the material is perfect for spring and early autumn. We have really nice weather lately... I think this dress gives the body a really nice shape. Even though it has a little bit of a lower neckline it doesn't look slutty which I like a lot. Also for some reason I love the color. Even though I wouldn't want this color to be anywhere else but on dresses. :D

I paired it again with my black tights - are you getting bored of them finally? :D And then I also wore this little cardigan with it because I am freezing easily. Again, since I was driving, I wasn't wearing nice shoes with it. We spent the whole day inside, so there was really no point...

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Take care, bye!

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