Monday, January 20, 2014

Dressday #29

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you another super late Dressday post... Right now I am just so buzy and I never get to post these. But here is my Dressday of last week. I wore this to the cinema when we were watching The Physician (I hope that is what it's called xD). Very nice movie by the way. :)

 It feels a little bit like I wanted to embrace the warm weather for the last time because now it is supposed to get cold here. So I threw on this cute blue cardigan and my pink Converse shoes and I felt really girly with that, somehow. :D

Also my mom really liked my outfit, which I thought was cool. It's just a nice everyday look for colder weather. But next week I can probably show you my birthday outfit. ;) Stay tuned for that!

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Take care, bye!

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