Sunday, December 22, 2013

Used up! Yves Rocher Fleur de Noel Hand Soap

Hey guys,

I hope your not like: Okay, she's showing us a hand soap. :D But I am always super happy when I get to use up such a huge bottle of hand soap. Also those Yves Rocher soaps are quite nice and wintery, so I thought it's kinda interesting... maybe. So I have already shown you the Fruits of Noel hand soap

I have to admit that I think I liked that other scent a little bit better... I am not sure. This one is quite flowery, but still has a very nice musky note, I would say. I think these soaps are a little bit more luxurious then normal drugstore soaps. But they also dry out the skin a little and if you are very sensitive you might get a bar of soap instead. My mom can't use these soaps because her skin is too sensitive.

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