Sunday, December 1, 2013

Used up? Ponyhütchen Line It!

Hey guys,

today I have to share a product with you that I unfortunately have to throw out because it's gone off. I am so sad because I loved that product. When I started my blog I also often used it.

The product I am talking about is the Ponyhütchen product called Line It! This is a paste that you could mix with your pigments to great a nice liquid or gel eyeliner. I really loved the idea of this and it worked great as well. With such a product you can mix whatever colored eyeliner you want. This also held up really nicely on the eyes. I am so sad that I have to throw this out. If I am correct they are not making this product right now. You can find Ponyhütchen products here. I would definitely repurchase this if I could.

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Take care, bye!

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