Monday, December 30, 2013

My Year 2013

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you how my year of 2013 was. It was a very special year for me and many things happened. I did not always feel to well but I tried to keep my blog alive and stuff. :D I really hope you enjoy this now. 

Best things that happened?

  • started a new relationship
  • moved into my new apartment

Done first time this year?

  • called the police
  • car accident

Word of the year?

  • love

Gained or lost weight?

  • neither nor

City of the year?

  • Rome (keeps my hopes up)

Longer or shorter hair?

  • still the same

Spend more or less money?

  • probably more on furniture and less on anything else

Been in hospital?

  • Nope…

In love?

  • absolutely :)

Most called person?

  • my mom

Most time spend with?

  • my cat again :) still don’t like to leave her alone

Most precious time spend with?

  • my boyfriend

Book of the year?

  • Hunger Games Catching Fire

Movie of the year?

  • Catching Fire and The Great Gatsby

Song of the year?

TV-Series of the year?

  • Bones, still

Three unnecessary things?

  • fireworks, thieves and dust

2013 in one word?
  • feelings

I hope this was interesting. :) Let me know how your passed year was and what your new years resolutions are. ;)

Talk to you soon, stay save.


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