Friday, December 6, 2013

Dressday #23

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you my amazing new dress. :D I got this from Orsay and it's the most amazing Christmas party dress. It's black velvet and the cut is so classy and flattering. It really creates a nice figure and it doesn't show too much skin. I absolutely love it. The only thing that bothers me about it, is that it has a built-in petticoat which isn't that practical. Maybe I can figure out a way how to get rid of that. :D 

For this look I paired it with those really awesome velvet tights. You can't see them too well in the picture. They have grey and black stripes. Also I had to wear a cardigan with it because it's so cold here. Those black shoes made it look a little bit like a witch outfit but I couldn't wear heels because I was driving to my Mom's house that day. :D

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Take care, bye!

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