Sunday, November 17, 2013

Used up! Kiko Anti-Age Eye Cream

Hey guys,

lately I have used up this sample of the Kiko Eye Cream. Usually I do not show samples here. But this one was quite generous so I could use it quite a few times and can say what I liked about it. So obviously I hate this kind of packaging. Usually the product goes off before you can use it up. That's why I have put it into another small little pot, so this doesn't happen.

The eyecream itself was really nice. I liked the texture of it. It felt really smooth and moisturizing. But I have to admit that if it got a little bit too close to my eyes it burned a little bit. So if your eyes are not too sensitive this might be quite nice. I didn't smell any weird scent or something. I also can't really say anything about the Anti-Age part because I haven't used it long enough to see any result, I guess. Also I have not really tried many anti-aging things to compare it with.

All in all it was a nice cream and I was quite impressed with the Kiko skincare because I have never tried anything by that brand before. So I will definitely check out more. :) Still it does not compare to my favorite eyecream by Heymountain.

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  1. Huhu! Ich habe Dir einen Award verliehen. Vielleicht schaust Du mal unter nach.
    Liebe Grüsse, Puminchen