Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tag: 5+5 Questions

Hey guys,

my heads a mess lately. A super long time ago the lovely Puminchen tagged me and I totally ignored it. That's definitely not ok! So today I obviously have to react to that. :D

1. Which story is behind your blog title?
Honestly there is none. When I thought about creating a blog I thought about the things I wanted to do. Obviously that was kind of different from what I am doing now - years later. :D When I first started, I thought I would find some girls from my hometown to do some fun photoshoots with. Unfortunately the people around here are pretty boring so I ended this after a few episodes. But that's where my name comes from: Beauty (that's what it's all about :D) - Chem (for my hometown) - Cam (for camera). And it sounded quite cute. :D

2. Do you use facebook and co. for your blogs?
Not really. I used to use Twitter and I wanna get into that again. And obviously I use Youtube to give my blog some content. :)

3. Why do you read other blogs?
Most of the time because I am interested in the person that writes the blog. I like reading blogs of people that are nice and friendly. So for example Puminchen's or Sandra's blog which I have mentioned here a lot. :)

4. What the message you wanna spread with your blog?
I don't know. I basically blog for myself because it's fun and I get myself to spend time with my hobbies even though I have a lot of other to do. :) I don't think about others too much. Selfish. xD

5. Did your blog influence your social life?
I got to know some great people so far but it's always sad that they are so far away. But I really like getting to know people that are interested in the same stuff. Also I have friends that now ask me for beauty advice, which is kinda funny. :D Still I have not told my family and boyfriend about this because I am kind of weird with that. xD

6. How many posts per month do you think are ok?
I am posting right regulary right now. On this blog I almost post every day. At least every other day. If I really like a blog, I read it everyday. If it is just an ok blog I would just read what is interesting to me. Then it wouldn't matter to me how often he's posting. :D Also it depends on the topic. And how long the posts are. :) So to answer this question: Somethings between 10 and 25 maybe.

7. Have you ever been ashamed because of your blog?
Well, as I said I am a little weird. I once found out that one of my exboyfriends was reading it. That was creepy. :D Also I did not tell my family because they wouldn't understand it, I guess. I don't know. And I also haven't told my boyfriend because I am afraid he thinks I am weird...

8. Will you still be blogging in 10 years?
Why not? I think I can't blog that much when I will be working. But still I wanna keep my blogs to remind me that I have to do good stuff for myself. :)

9. What do you think about free samples for bloggers?
I don't think that's something bad. Why not?

10. Why did you start blogging?
I guess I started when my former roommate showed my the first beauty blog when I was 18. I had never been interested in Youtube and didn't know about that whole community. After following a blogger for quite a while, I decided that I wanted to try that for myself. :D

Thanks so much for tagging me, Puminchen. :D I hope you enjoy the answers. I will not tag anybody, I guess. 

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Take care, bye!

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  1. Interessante Antworten und danke, dass Du mitgemacht hast!
    Liebe Grüsse