Sunday, October 20, 2013

Used up! Clinique All About Eyes Rich

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share with you an eyecream that I used up. This one is just a sample size that I had for ages. I am not a massive fan of the product. It sure did work but I felt like the texture is too thick. It took a lot of rubbing to work it into the skin. I personally don't like that. I want my eyecream to go in smoothly and hydrate really well. So in comparison to my favorite eyecream by Heymountain, I would not recommend this one. 

The full size of 15ml is 35 Euro in my country so it is even pricier than my favorite eyecream. I would definitely not repurchase this. Also I think anyone can find a better eyecream for less money. It's not that I didn't like it, but I didn't love it, and I don't think the price is justified. 

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