Sunday, October 27, 2013

Used up! bebe Young Care feel good feel fresh Shower Gel

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share with you another shower gel by bebe that I've used up recently. I feel like I have a whole closet full of these. :D I will link you the other scent I used up already here. This scent now is called bebe happy and I really liked it for summer. It's fruity and supposed to smell like melons. It's not overly moisturizing or anything but I felt clean after using it.

Since these are not too expensive and I love the scent and the texture, I guess I would repurchase this if I ever needed a new shower gel (which will not happen too soon). :D

I have also used up the matching deodorant to this shower gel.

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Take care, bye!


  1. Ich mag die ganzen bebe Produkte sehr gerne und brauche immer wieder was auf, Duschgele habe ich bisher aber noch keine benutzt. Da greife ich komischerweise fast nur zu den Drogerie-Eigenmarken oder kaufe mir Mini-Grössen...

    1. Ich bekomm die immer geschenkt. :D Ich habe mir seit Jahren kein Duschgel mehr selbst gekauft. :D