Sunday, August 4, 2013

Used up! Or rather... expired

Hey guys,

I just wanted to quickly mention a few products that unfortunately expired before I got to use them (up). So I will throw them out now.

The first one is Heymountains Vanilla Queen Body Cream. Unfortunately I did not even use it once. I am not a huge fan of body creams, I usually just use those for my hands. So I can't say anything about that other than that these products expire pretty fast because they are probably more natural than others.

Next is Heymountains Going to Ibiza Coldcream. I have to admit that I loved this till the last moment. The scent was fantastic, but I just didn't need it more often. During winter time I often mixed it with a lip balm to treat my lips. It's also great for dry spots and things like that. It really really helped my dry skin and I am a huge fan of these cold creams.

Last thing is my bebe Young Care Feuchtigkeitscreme for normal skin. I didn't like that too much. I don't know why but I felt like it made me break out more. Usually my skin is not that sensitive and I don't get spots very often. So I stopped using it and everything was fine again. I then sometimes used it on my neck since it didn't effect that area in a negative way. But now I will throw it out.

Does that happen to you often? Do you clean your skincare area often to throw out stuff? I always feel very bad when I have to do it. :(

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Take care, bye!

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