Sunday, August 11, 2013

Used up! bebe Young Care feel good feel fresh deodorant

Hey guys,

I finally used this deodorant. I always get these things as a gift and I have to be honest with you: I hate these deodorants. I never buy women's deodorants myself because they never really work for me. If it gets a little bit hotter here I always go back to men's deodorants.

This one also didn't do anything for me. I wouldn't say that I swet a lot but I still wanna be protected in the hot weather. This one couldn't do that. After only a few hours I smelled that it didn't help at all. That really frustrated me. I totally can't recommend this one. If you wanna use women's deodorants and have the same problem just try to use the little roller ones. These work fine for me. But I am really happy that I finally used this one up. But still I have another bottle in my closet. -.- Maybe it's better to use as a body mist. The smell is nice though. It's very fruity and summery.

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Take care, bye!

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