Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Used up! Microcell 2000 Nail Repair

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next I wanna show you a product that pretty much saved my life. After I was in Milan my nails were horrible. I think it was because of the Kiko polishes, but I don't know. My nails got really dry, they were breaking and splitting all the time, it looked so gross.

Decembre 2011 I got this baby. I friend of my recommended it and even though it's quite expensive for a base coat I got it. You can use it as a normal base coat as I did, just once a week. But you can also use it as a treatment everyday. You just apply one coat, another one the day after that and on the next day you remove it with nailpolish remover and start all over again. I did that for a few weeks as well and it really helped.

Using it as a base coat worked really well, too. It does anything a base coat is supposed to do and it still is great for strengthening the nails. It is about 10 Euro here and one lasts for one year. As you can see, there still is some left in the bottle, but it's really gooey now. So I decided to get a new one. Also it did funny stuff. So you can't really use it for more than a year...

I really recommend this if you have issues with your nails. You can get it on Amazon here or in a store called DM. As I said it saved my nails and I was never that happy with a base coat.
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