Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Used up! Heymountain Sexy Eyes Eyecream

Hey guys,

last product for today will be this eye cream by Heymountain. I bought this just to try it and I was blown away. I really fell in love with it. It smells like lemons, really fresh, which is great when you have to get up early in the morning. It really wakes you up.

The consistency is not too heavy but really moisturizing. Also it's really soft so you don't have to rub it into your eyes or anything. I mainly use it for under my eyes since my lids are very oily. My undereye area is really try though and it is perfect for that sensitive dry skin.

If you can get Heymountain, I would really recommend this product. Even though the have changed the formula a little and it doesn't smell that nice anymore, I think. I am using a new one now. You can keep this for one years also and that is how long mine lasted. 

10ml is 12 Euro plus shipping. I think for a cream that lasts for one year that's fine. Try it!

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Take care, bye!

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  1. Du willst es aber wissen mit Deinen aufgebrauchten Produkten :).
    Die Creme klingt interessant, im Moment benutze ich eine von Balea, mal schauen, wenn die dann leer ist...

    1. Haha, naja, ich musste ja meinen Schrank leerräumen. Ich hoffe, ich schaffe heute Abend noch einmal so einen Schwung, dann kann ich alles wegwerfen. :D