Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To-Go Make-up: Midnight Black (New Years Eve)

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share with you the last video of 2013. Obviously I have planned many more videos and blogposts for the upcoming year. Stay happy and save out there. I hope you’ll come back soon for more beauty stuff. ;)

This look is not too dramatic, it’s super easy and anybody can do it. I thought it would be a great alternative for teens or people that just start wearing makeup. I really like such simple things. :) It’s also an awesome look for people with hooded eyes. Enjoy watching this!

Soundtrack of my Life: 2012-2013

Hey guys,

I wanted to start something really cool and special I heard of. I will call it Soundtrack of my life and I thought it would be fun to share it with you. So every months I wanna write down a song that speeks for that month and the things that have happened and such. I hope you enjoy this and you wanna look back with me, how I felt the last year. :)

I will start with October 2012 because that was when my life changed dramatically. It still has a lot of meaning to me. 

October 2012: Bad time by Grand Funk Railroad
November 2012:I can't fight this feeling anymore by Reo Speedwagon
December 2012: Do that to me one more time by Captain and Tenille

January 2013: I'm kissing you by Des'ree
February 2013: Blue Jeans by Lana del Rey
March 2013: Ancora Qui by Elisa Toffoli
 April 2013: Love is Strange by Karen O. 
May 2013: Feuer und Wasser by Rammstein
June 2013: Hello Sunshine by ??? (The O.C. soundtrack)
July 2013: Dice by Finn Quayle and William Orbit
August 2013: Mother by Pink Floyd
September 2013: Once in a lifetime by Landon Austin
October 2013: A little Party never killed Nobody by Fergie
November 2013: Christmas by Leona Naess
December 2013: All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

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Take care, bye!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Year 2013

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you how my year of 2013 was. It was a very special year for me and many things happened. I did not always feel to well but I tried to keep my blog alive and stuff. :D I really hope you enjoy this now. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Used up! DKNY Apple A Day Body Lotion

Hey guys,

as you may know I like using Body Lotions only for my hands and neck. So this one I used as a handcream mainly. I found this again this year and there was only a little tiny bit left in it which I've used up. Now I found this to sink into the skin very slowly and sometimes it left a really awkward residue on the skin which I hated. But I can't remember whether it did that when I just got it. Maybe it was the reason why I stopped using it. The scent was ok but I don't like apples too much (I only really love baked apples). So this cream definitely wasn't my favorite and I was really happy when I had used this small size one up.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dressday #26 + Nails

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you three Christmas Outfits that I wore. We have so many Christmas parties and I really like wearing Christmasy stuff. So let's get started. The first outfit I wore for our traditional party on the 23rd of Dec. I usually invite some close friends and we celebrate Christmas and watch a nice Christmas movie together. It's quite a casual outfit but I love it for Christmasy days. :)

Make It Sweet: Raffaello

Hey guys,

This is the last Sweets inspired look. It is inspired by my favorite sweets which is Raffaello. I don’t think you can get that in every country but it’s fantastic. It’s coconut and almond and cream. So good. The colors of the packaging are white, red and grey. I really wanted to take these colors and create a nice party look with it that you can wear for New Years Eve. I hope you enjoy watching! :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

To-Go Make-up: Midnight Gold (New Years Eve)

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to share with you the first New Years Eve look. I really liked this look in general but I think it’s especially nice for parties and the Holiday season. I love golden eyeshadow and really wanted to combine it with some nice navy this year. I hope you like the idea and enjoy watching!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To-Go Makeup: Clean Christmas Look

Hey guys,
This look is one of my favorites. It’s classy, it’s simple, it’s quick and it’s effective. You instantly look like Hollywood Glam with it. Also I don’t like worrying about my eyeshadows because I have super oily lids. So I really prefer to keep things simple with my Christmas makeup. :) I am so excited to share this look with you. What will you be wearing for Christmas Eve? Enjoy watching and stay save out there.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Used up! Yves Rocher Fleur de Noel Hand Soap

Hey guys,

I hope your not like: Okay, she's showing us a hand soap. :D But I am always super happy when I get to use up such a huge bottle of hand soap. Also those Yves Rocher soaps are quite nice and wintery, so I thought it's kinda interesting... maybe. So I have already shown you the Fruits of Noel hand soap

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Make It Sweet: Gingerbread

Hey guys,
Today’s look is inspired by gingerbread. We can buy them with sugar coating which I love so much. So I decided to use the dark brown color of the actual gingerbread and the light pink color of my favorite sugar coating and create a smoky dramatic look with it. With my eyeshape I really love smoky dark looks like that. I hope you enjoy watching!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dressday #25

Hey guys,

here's another Dressday post. This week I wanna share with you my Santa outfit. :D With my red coat and my black boots I alway feel a bit like Mrs Claus. ;) This is what I look like when you meet me in town before Christmas. :D

On that day I went Christmas shopping with my best friend. We also went to our Christmas market and had some hot wine punch. After that we went to a game of our local basketball team. So I decided to wear some orange because that is their color.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

To-Go Make-up: Lancome Christmas Look

Hey guys,
Today’s look is inspired by this Lancome visual that they brought out for Christmas. I instantly loved it and definitely wanted to try something similar. This is a little bit darker than my classic Christmas make-up, but it’s super pretty nonetheless. I hope you enjoy watching the video.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

To-Go Make-up: Tree Ornament (Christmas)

Hey guys,
In this video I had quite some good light and I was really talkative, as we like to call it. :D So I hope you don’t mind that it is a bit longer than usual… This is the last Christmas video with a theme, but there will be too more looks that are especially for Christmas. ^^ Hope you’ll like those… Back to this look: I really liked playing with my stuff and creating something different and fun. With hooded eyes that’s not always that easy but I really like the end result. Maybe it inspires you to match your eyes to your favorite (ugly) Christmas sweater for a party. ;)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Used up! Heymountain Sexy Eyes Eye Cream #2

Hey guys,

today I wanna talk about a product that I have already mentioned a lot on here. It's the Sexy Eyes Eye Cream by Heymountain. I just wanted to mention that I have used up another pot of this stuff. So this is by far my favorite eye cream and I just wanna show you that I am still using it. I have tried other eyecreams as well but still there was none that really compared to it.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Make It Sweet: Spekulatius

Hey guys,
Today’s video has such a bad lighting but I loved the look so much. I hope the picture can make up for it. It’s a very classic christmasy look with red lips and smoky eyes. I really like the combination of the colors. I really didn’t think they would look so nice together. :) Hope you enjoy watching!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dressday #24 + FOTD

Hey guys,

Today you'll be like: Wait, I've seen that one before. It's true, I wore the same dress for dressday again this week. :D We had an official Christmas party and I did not want to wear any other dress. But obviously I changed up the things I put with it so it's a bit more interesting for you. I mean, honestly, I probably won't get a lot of wear out of this dress through the year. So I definitely wanna rock it around Christmas time. :D

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Christmas Lip Products

Hey guys,

in today's video I wanted to show you my favorite Christmas lip products. I will put you the pictures here as well, so you can maybe see them better than in the video. :) Hope you enjoy this!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To-Go Make-up: Tinsel (Christmas)

Hey guys,
This look is again very shimmery and silvery but I added a touch of gold in the outer corners. This combination might be hard to wear but I really liked it in the end. Also I am trying a new lash glue by Ardel in this video. You will hear my talk about it a lot in the upcoming videos. :D Still not sure what I think about it.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Used up! Heymountain Body Cream Kokotschambo

Hey guys,

today I wanna share another used up sample. I like to review the Heymountain products because I love their store and the concept of it. So today I wanna talk about the Body Cream in Kokotschambo.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Give-away Winner!!!

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to quickly announce the winner of our little give-away. If you want, please watch the video for that. :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dressday #23

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you my amazing new dress. :D I got this from Orsay and it's the most amazing Christmas party dress. It's black velvet and the cut is so classy and flattering. It really creates a nice figure and it doesn't show too much skin. I absolutely love it. The only thing that bothers me about it, is that it has a built-in petticoat which isn't that practical. Maybe I can figure out a way how to get rid of that. :D 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

WinderWonderLand TAG

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to share a really cute TAG with you today. I liked it a lot. I hope the people I tagged will do it as well. :D Hope you enjoy this. If I didn't tag you but you wanna do it, please do it and let me know. :) I'd love to see it.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

To-Go Makeup: Ice Princess (Christmas)

Hey guys,
This look is very icy and shimmery. I usually do not wear such colors but sometimes I am just in the mood for it. :D So this look is inspired by a frozen princess. Perfect for such a look is the Wet n Wild Blue had me at Hello palette. It has so many icy colors and some darker shades to make it more wearable. Also I liked the doll-like effect this makeup had in the end. I really hope you enjoy watching this.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Used up? Ponyhütchen Line It!

Hey guys,

today I have to share a product with you that I unfortunately have to throw out because it's gone off. I am so sad because I loved that product. When I started my blog I also often used it.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dressday #22

Hey guys,

This is a late dressday post. My grandma and grandpa visited me today. I made a great cake for my vlogmas on my cooking channel. :D Also I wore one of my favorite Christmas dresses. I may have a picture of it on here already. I paired it with a white sweater and white tights. Since I stayed indoors today, it was totally fine to wear it like that. I hope you're having a nice 1rst Advent tomorrow. :) Enjoy the Christmas Time!

My November Books

Hey guys,

today I wanna share with you my November books. Again I will link the German reviews down below. :) Enjoy watching!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Confetti Nails? Let It Snow Nail Design

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you a nail design that reminds me of snow. :D I hope you enjoy the video. I just wanted to show you my new Barry M nail polish called Dolly Mixture. I liked the idea but unfortunately it is the hell to take off again. So keep that in mind if you're interested in this polish!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tag: 10 Questions by Puminchen

Hey guys,

I was tagged by Puminchen again with another 10 questions. Hope you enjoy this. :D

1. What would be your favorite pet?
I would love to have a squid. Obviously I have my cat, but that would be a more interesting option I guess. :D

2. Do you prefer trousers or skirts?
As you can see with my Dressday Challenge I have to force myself to wear my skirts and dresses. :D So definitely trousers. They just make me feel more comfortable and protected, even if that sounds weird.

3. Do you shave your legs and paint your toes in winter time?
I always shave my legs. I have very blond soft hair which is awesome. But still I like to do that regularly. :D But I don't paint my toe nails in winter time... Usually I am to lazy to do it in summer time as well since I hate sandals. :D

4. Did you like to go to school?
Obviously. I miss it a lot. :) I especially love Latin and English in school. I hated Physical Education and Maths.

5. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?
Sure. I have so many of these but everyone has a favorite, right? :D 

6. Do you buy products just because they're limited?
Nope, not at all. But I would go crazy with all these Christmas palettes in Sephora. Luckily we don't get those. :D

7. Buy books, library books or ebooks?
I usually buy books. I do not like our library which is sad. And I don't have an ebook reader yet. :)

8. Do you have traits that you dislike about yourself?
Sure. Nobody's perfect. I can be quite harsh with people that I dislike. And I dislike making new friends. :D

9. Do you like your weight?
Sure. I often try to do a little bit more for my health but I am lazy. :D Probably I will one day. But all in all I like myself and my appearance a lot. :)

10. What's a typical weekend with you?
O gosh, guys, I am a student. I don't have weekends. :D I have to do stuff for Uni all the time. Also I love to visit my family and spend time with my boyfriend. We often go out during the week so I like my weekends to be relaxed. :)

So now I am supposed to think of 10 questions myself and tag people. Oh dear...

  1. Which is your favorite season and why?
  2. How many lipsticks do you think you have?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. Which traits do you love about yourself?
  5. Which topics do you like the most with blogs?
  6. How many years have you been blogging?
  7. Are there people that don't know about your blog? Why didn't you tell them?
  8. Tea or hot chocolate or coffee?
  9. What's your favorite song at the moment?
  10. Do you buy products just because they're limited edition?
And I wanna tag Connü, feeeeelin and real-booklover.

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Take care, bye!