Friday, December 28, 2012

My year 2012

Hey guys,

I wanted to do this TAG again because it's always fun to go back and see what I answered the year before. :D Hope you enjoy this!

Best things that happened?

  • Met someone special
  • Got my first Degree
  • Ended my relationship

Done first time this year?

  • Slept with a cat in my bed
  • Did a cooking video

Word of the year?

  • Bachelor

Gained or lost weight?

  • lost weight

City of the year?

  • Rome (always in my heart)

Longer or shorter hair?

  • still the same

Spend more or less money?

  • a lot more… and it won’t stop. :D

Been in hospital?

  • Nope…

In love?

  • totally in love… haven’t felt like this in yeeeears

Most called person?

  • my mom

Most time spend with?

  • my cat again :) still don’t like to leave her alone

Most precious time spend with?

  • my ex-boyfriend

Book of the year?

  • Lord of the Rings (re-read them this year…)

Movie of the year?

  • The Hobbit!

Song of the year?

  • Black-eyed by Placebo

TV-Series of the year?

  • Bones, I guess

Three unnecessary things?

  • University, litter box cleaning and dirt

2012 in one word?
  • changes
So if you enjoyed this and you wanna answer these questions as well, please link that in the comments. :) I would love to read what your year was like. Have a wonderful time. There will be one more look this year though... :)



  1. Echt? Ich war nach dem Hobbit so enttäuscht.:/

    1. Ich mochte ihn sehr gern. Aber ich war auch darauf eingestellt, dass er nicht wie das Buch ist. :)

  2. Ich war auch begeistert vom Hobbit. Du hast mit deinem Freund Schluss gemacht???

    1. Es war mehr so ein gegenseitiges Einverständnis. :)