Monday, October 1, 2012

TAG: Pretty Products

Hey guys,

I was tagged by Sandra again. I think this is again a German Tag thing. You are supposed to show all your products that are pretty, but not from the inside but the outside. So I went through my collection and pulled out 10 things that are really beautiful to me. :D Here we go (no particular order):

 Definitely beautiful and timeless is my YSL foundation. This particular one was discontinued but I think that their packaging is really similar to this one anyway. I like the milky glass bottle and the beautiful gold cap. I think it looks classy and expensive although it's not the best thing to travel with. :D

Speaking of travelling: This is great for any trip. It's the NYX Crimson Amulet palette inspired by the movie Dark Shadows. I liked the movie but this piece is way better. I like the front cover a lot since it shows the house of the Collins. Also the inside is very pretty and well made. It reminds me of a book also. I love it!

Another thing that can brighten up any trip is this Catrice New York collection palette. I won this in a give-away from Sandra. I think the picture is really pretty. Also I like the whole packaging. Still it's quite small and pretty convenient for travelling.

This is something I bought on a trip. It was one of my first Kiko things. It also reminds me of holidays and the sea. I think the packaging is really summery and pretty and I love this little seashell wave. :D

This little product here came a long way to me. I haven't even used it yet. It's a mascara from Hard Candy which I got in my Swap with Cassandra. I love that it's pink (obviously) and all the pretty twirls. It's very girly but for me it's not too much. :)

This is a product that I rarely ever use. It's the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It just doesn't do anything for me. But the packaging is so pretty. I like the light blue and the beige together. Really pretty. Also it looks a little Vintage to me. ;)

This thing is pretty Vintage as well. I am probably not supposed to use it anymore but I keep it for the nice packaging. This is a lipbalm by Ponyhütchen. It smelled so nice and came in this metal box. So cute!

This little thing is really the greatness itself. I love everything about it. It's the Sugarpill eyeshadow in Buttercupcake I believe. I love their logo in general. It reminds me of Bavaria and the Oktoberfest. :D But I also love the combination with this sleek and modern packaging.

The next product is this lip gloss by Benefit. I like the packaging as well as the product. I got it in a blogsale by the way. I think it's a good mixture between modern and Vintage again. I can't really describe it, I just like it. :D

This last product has not been on my blog before because it's brand new! It's the Lady Gaga Fame EdP and I only got the small size since it takes me a while to use perfumes up and I still have a few others. But isn't that pretty? It reminds me of the faux dragon egg in Harry Potter and my Boyfriend thinks it's an alien egg. Whatever it is, it is so Gaga and I adore it!

And I wanna take Puminchen to do this Tag, too!

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  1. The Too Faced things are so pretty! :-) Thak you for doing the TAG!

  2. Danke fürs Taggen! Ich werde mich die Tage gleich mal ranmachen! Liebe Grüsse, Puminchen