Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Award!

Hey guys,

So again there will be no dressday post today because I got another award from a German blogger called Puminchen. I think it’s really nice and I am happy that she likes my blog.

As always I don’t really wanna give it to too many other people or whatever. But I wanna mention it obviously, because I am thankful.

So for the rules, I have to tell you 11 things about me. I like these kinds of things.

  1. I love scented candles in Autumn and I hate that I can’t by the Bath&Body Works ones…
  2. I could not live without a cat. I am really obsessed with them.
  3. Right now I am reading a book about the normal chaos of love.
  4. This book really makes me doubt that I wanna live in a marriage with kids.
  5. I wanna bake some cookies on the weekend again.
  6. I bought a skipping rope on Amazon to get back in shape again. :D
  7. In one month there will be the new Sims3 Add-on and although I have no time to play I wanna get it.
  8. I love mustard.
  9. I can’t wait to see the Hobbit movies!
  10. Tomorrow I will get some new Sleek products.
  11. I will go to bed in a second. I am really tired.

Next I will answer the questions Puminchen wrote down on her blog.

  • What’s your dream career?
I would love to do something meaningful and kind of special like paleontologist or anthropologist but since I studied sociology I will do that. :D Most important thing is researching.

  • What’s most important – mobile phone, internet or TV?
Internet definitely. I don’t talk on the phone a lot and I barely watch TV. :D

  • Do you wish for a white wedding?
I am but I really don’t know whether I wanna be married right now. Studying all the statistics about it doesn’t really help. ;) Maybe it’s just an old thing that is not helpful nowadays.

  • What’s your favorite color of eyeshadow, rouge and nailpolish?
I love golden eyeshadow, peachy blush and mint green nail polish right now. :D

  • Do you have pets?
I have a cat and I love it more than anything. :)

  • When did you start blogging and what was the trigger?
I started on the 1st of January in 2010 I believe. I just liked all the Youtube channels and I wanted to see whether I can do all that, too. :) I always loved make-up.

  • Do you prefer Youtube or Blogs?
I prefer Youtube. I like watching videos way more and also I enjoy doing videos more. I don’t know why but it feels like a more personal connection to me. Also it is not the easiest thing to write in English all the time. Talking is much faster and I feel like it’s not too bad if I say something wrong. xD

  • Do you prefer daytime or nighttime?
I like both, basically. I can be a party girl living during the nights but since I study hard I rather stay up early. :D I like working in the morning and partying in the evening.

  • What’s your favorite food?
I love so many things. That’s why I have a food blog as well. It’s German but the videos are English, so check it out! My favorite food is very hard… I really can’t decide. I love spaghetti and Asian noodles and fried potato patties. :D

  • What did cause your love for make-up?
Nothing specifically. I just like experimenting with colors and having fun with products. I had no idea what amazing brands and products were out there before I started watching YT videos regularly.

  • What is your most expensive and still most worthless product?
Probably my Chanel quad, which I am trying to sell in my blogsale. I don’t like the colors too much and I feel that they are not much better than other eyeshadows.

I hope you enjoyed this. I wanna give this Award to minimal makeup and teekränzchen Beautyblog. And there's actually one more blog: Penelope's Presents which has the cutest ideas for gifts and so on. :D
My questions for you:

  1. If you had only 1 thing you can take to a lonely island what would it be? :D
  2. What was the greatest thing that happened in your life so far?
  3. Do you prefer lipsticks or lipglosses and what is your favorite color?
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  5. What is your favorite Christmas candy? :D
  6. On how many days of the week do you wear make-up?
  7. Do you think it's bad to decorate for Christmas before the end of November?
  8. Does your make-up depend on the seasons?
  9. What is your favorite fall fashion item? 
  10. Did you ever use your Mom's or Granny's make-up and does she know?
  11. Is there any question you always wanted to answer but no one's ever asked you?
Don’t forget those: and

Take care, bye!

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  1. Danke, dass Du mitgemacht hast! Echt spannend! Und weisst Du was? Ich wollte früher auch Paläontologie studieren. Haben aber alle gesagt, das sei brotlos. Dann habe ich auf noch nicht ausgestorbene Tiere umgeschwenkt.
    Liebe Grüsse, Puminchen

  2. Danke fürs taggen! :D ich zermertere mir grad schon das Hirn wegen der Frage!

    liebe Grüße~