Thursday, October 11, 2012

Model in a Bottle - First Impressions

Just applied.
Just applied.
Hey guys,

In this quick video I wanted to share my first impression on the Model in a Bottle setting spray. I never had one of these before so I was very excited and had very high hopes. I have very dry skin and so I feel like the foundation always just sits on top and wears off in a few hours. I am using quite a high-end foundation and so it really sucks. I was hoping that this spray could actually make my make-up stay for hours – as it claims.

Also I have very oily eyelids and I had the hope that maybe it would help with that, too. Eyeshadows always crease on me so I usually don’t wear them often. Please watch the video if you wanna see the true results.

After a few hours.
Conclusion: This product did not do as well as I expected. My foundation did not stay longer in the important areas (my nose especially) and my eyeshadows still creased a lot. I did not feel any difference in my make-up at all. So maybe it’s just not for me. What experiences did you have with this? Does it only help with oily skin?

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After a few hours.

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After a few hours - Nose alarm!

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