Sunday, September 2, 2012

Used up! Yves Rocher Baume nourrissant

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share my favorite lip product of all time. I can’t believe that I’ve actually used it up last winter and I very happy that I still have one back-up left for this year.

The lip balm I am talking about is by Yves Rocher. They have a new scent every Christmas and this was the one from 2 or 3 years ago. Sounds gross, right? But I had these sealed as back-up products in my closet and they felt, smelled and tasted the same still. All in all I can just say that this is the best lip balm in the world. Unfortunately they do not only change the scent but also the formulation so that the other lip balms I tried after this one were not equally as good.

The scent I am writing about today is some kind of a flower. I really liked the scent because it was not overpowering and not perfumy at all. In fact it smelled very natural. Also the feeling on the lips was really nice. It lasted a long time but didn’t feel greasy in the morning.

This is a lip balm that could heal my chapped lips in just hours. It’s a lifesaver.

So which one is your Holy Grail lip balm? Have a lovely day. :D

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  1. My Holy Grail lip balm is Vaseline :) any type of it
    I love it! the only bad thing is that you cannot get it here in Italy, so any time I go back in the UK i grab myself a few ones.. to keep me going for the year :)

    do you have it in Germany?