Sunday, September 16, 2012

Used up! Alverde lip balm in White Chocolate

Hey guys,

Today I wanna throw out another product that I did not use up. This is a lip balm by the brand Alverde. It’s German drugstore, but claims to be all natural. This lip balm is supposed to have the scent or taste (or whatever) White Chocolate. I think this was limited edition.

This lip balm is so awkward. It tastes and smells like a lip balm (so nothing special about that) and it’s quite a thick consistency. When you apply one layer to your lips so that they feel moisturized you can see the white color of it. So it definitely has a color which is horrible for everyday. You don’t want a white mouth because of your lip balm.

Also it did not help my lips at all. I’ve tried so many lip balms now and this one was the worst one. It didn’t do anything at all.

So would I buy this again? Never! They have a similar product in their regular line and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

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