Saturday, September 29, 2012

Purchase of the Month: September

Hey guys,

This is probably the last month in which I bought many things. I am planning to get some more brushes but then that’s it until Christmas. :D So I hope you enjoy this!

What I got:

Rendezvous by Revlon
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains: I got the colors rendezvous (a bright orange), darling (wearable pink) and lovesick (a deep pink). I got them as a gift and I am so happy. The formulation is so incredible, the colors are really opaque and still moisturizing and they feel so nice. Love these!

  • Maybelline nail polish in a green color: This polish had no number. I think the color is very blue on the nails. It definitely has a duochrome effect. I think it’s more of a spring color. I wanted it to be a little bit more golden but it’s fine!

  • Milani Nail Laquer in 504 Fresh Teal: I love this color a lot. It’s similar to the Mint Green polish by Barry M but deeper and better for Autumn. Great color! The quality of this one was great, too.
  • Milani Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso: This stunning blush was so hyped up that I had to get it. I am still trying to get a bigger blush collection although I have plenty now. This color still is quite unique, it goes on very strong so there’s really nothing to complain about. (Except the packaging…)

  • Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner: This product is not too easy to remove. I am not too happy with it. I usually like to get all the products off my face in the evening. I will probably not use this too often. The color is pretty though.
  • Nyx Cream Blusher in Tea Rose: I accidently got two of these in different colors but I don’t wanna keep both. So this is my one and I gave the other one to a friend. The color is quite deep and neutral. It’s definitely not a pink or red. It applies quite nicely but you really have to blend a lot. I like cream products on my skin so this is perfect.
  • Nyx Liquid Chrystal Liners: I got the colors Chrystal Pink and Chrystal Gunmetal. I heard good things about them and really wanted to try them. I like the colors a lot and I think they will be fun for winter time when I wanna sparkle!
  • Ben Nye Glitter Samples: I got the colors Iced Gold Sparkle and Silver Sparkle. I also got these for winter tutorials. I haven’t tried them yet. Did you ever use these?
  • Makeupgeek Eyeshadows: Again two colors: Stealth and Moondust. I love them both. They’re really unique and pretty. I could not decide which one is better. They’re wearable as well! The quality is amazing for the price.
Adorable by Makeupgeek.
Shy by Makeupgeek.

  • Makeupgeek Lipsticks: And another pair of colors: Shy and Adorable. For me Shy is the prettier color. It’s a nice nude for lighter skin tones. Adorable is a pink but it doesn’t look to flattering on my. Unfortunately they both smell and taste very cheap. Also the packaging is horrible. I am afraid that they will break of and fall out one day. There’s still some stuff to work on.

  • Essence Pigment in Broadway Starlet: This is the most beautiful glitter I own. I am so happy that I picked it up. It’s perfect for Christmas. I used it on my nails and eyes. You will see these tutorials soon! Meanwhile get this!!!
  • Model in a bottle: I am not too happy with this product. I will still use it. But I couldn’t see a result. Maybe I will do that in future!

What products have you used? Is there anything you’re really interested in?

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  1. Summer and then it's cold?
    Na schön wär's.:D Irgendwie ist es ja fast nur kalt mit so ein paar Sommerimitatstagen zwischen drin gewesen.xD