Saturday, September 8, 2012

Purchase of the Month: August

Hey guys,

I wanna share my newest products with you again. So the summer was really expensive for me and there are still some packages on the way to my house. But I found a few great American shops where I can buy brands like Milani. I had to try it. :D So here we go:

What I got:

  • Yves Rocher sebo Specific cleansing scrub: I got this because I always use facial scrubs. I think they really help my skin. I haven’t tried it yet, though.
  • Yves Rocher sebo Specific toner: I got both for the price of one so I thought I also need a toner. One of my friends uses this one and she really loves it. I haven’t tried it either.
  • Milani Shadow Eyez pencil in Champagne Toast: This is very similar to a pencil that I already own and I wanted to do a comparison video about them. You can’t really get Milani in my country and so I thought it would be interesting whether they are dupes. I like this Milani pencil, but my *dupe* is better for me personally. Video will follow.
  • Milani Runway Eyes palette in Haute Couture: They pigmentation of these colors could be better. They’re not my favorite ones in the world. Still this palette is great for someone who’s just starting to wear make-up or who likes neutral colors more.
  • Catrice lipstick in Simply Rosewood: This color is something new in my collection. I think it will be great for Fall and I like the texture of it. It was discontinued now but I am glad that I got it.

  • Kiko lipstick in No. 10: This lipstick is a great plum color. It’s also great for Autumn. I like that it is matte because I have a shimmery one that is similar in color. It’s just a nice dark everyday lipstick. Because this is their normal line it is quite drying but also very opaque.

  • Kiko Creamy lipstick in No. 398: It was kind of an accident that I kept this color for myself. This is more of a Spring or Summer color. It’s very natural and has a peachy undertone. It looks great with natural looks. Also the texture is creamier (surprisingly) and it doesn’t dry out your lips. Though the color is sheerer with this finish.
  • Barry M lipstick in No. TMLP 132: This lipstick is bright green in the tube and it stains your lips pink. The stain is really long lasting and may feel a little uncomfortable on the lips. I love this idea. Although someone told me that I should get a lipstick that really is bright green. :D We’ll see.

  • China Glaze nail polish in First Class Ticket: This color is really weird. It looks purple in the tube and it looks purple on your nails but on pictures it’s blue. :D So I wanted a nice shimmery deep blue nail polish. Unfortunately I was disappointed. This is a great color still and I was also happy with the finish and everything.
  • Barry M nail polish in Mint Green: This color blew my mind. It is so freaking beautiful for summer. I never thought I would like mint green polish and I am so thankful that so many people recommended that. I also love the texture. The first coat is quite sheer but the second one is great.
  • LA Splash glitter in Bliss: This looks so pretty. I bought it for Christmas. Can’t wait for all these glitter tutorials to come. :D
  • Crazy Rumors Brew Spiced Chai lip balm: This was very inexpensive and the taste/scent sounded so good. I really look forward to try it. :D
  • Cherry Culture lip balm in Lemon: This was a free goodie. This will have to wait because I have so many great lip balms to use up first. :D But it was for free so that’s cool.

To see the none-beauty things you’ll have to watch the video! ;)

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