Sunday, August 19, 2012

Used up! Adidas Pure Lightness EdT

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you a perfume that I used up. I am really proud of myself because I had this for several years. Since it still smelled the same I used it up now. My goal is to use up all my perfumes that I got as a gift so I can actually go and get one that I really like.

Unfortunately I like really grown-up heavy scents that are very oriental. But what I get all the time are sweet girly perfumes. :D Because I am so young and so on…

So this perfume was given to me as well. They don’t sell this one anymore but it was actually a scent that I liked (except that it was a sweet one). So the 30ml of Adidas EdT are 10 Euro right now.

This particular one smells very sweet and girly, not so much fresh. It’s more of a heavy scent as well. What I hated about it is the packaging. I just can’t open the bottle. Maybe I am just very stupid, I don’t know.

Other than that I think it’s quite a nice one for the price. Still I feel like it doesn’t last as long as a pricier perfume would last. But if you can’t afford that the Adidas perfumes might be a good alternative.

I am just really happy that I finished a perfume now and I am looking forward to be done with all of them one day. Do you think it would be mean to wish for a certain more expensive one? I really like Deep Red by Hugo Boss and Alien by Thierry Mugler. What else can you recommend? :)

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