Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BLOGSALE - huge and cheap!

Hey guys,

today's quite an unusual post. I spent the day taking pictures of things that I don't wanna have any more. :D So as you can tell from the titel this will be a BLOGSALE. I won't do that too often I think but since I just felt like cleaning up my closet I did it. So I made some packs of make-up and then there are some more expensive clothing items and then there will be a huge list of things that will cost 2 Euro each. 

You can email me if you wanna buy something: beautychemcam[at] I hope it will work. If it doesn't write a comment telling me so!

Ok, so first is Make-up!

The lip set: NYX, P2, OCC and others - 12 Euro

Chanel Quad in Vanités - 37 Euro

Ok, so next are the more expensive clothing items!

beautiful pencil skirt with a bow SIZE S - 20 Euro

cute shirt with cherries all over SIZE S - 5 Euro

cute dress with white dots and a bow SIZE S-M - 45 Euro

And all the following items will be 2 Euro, and if you take more than 6 at a time, it will be 1,50 Euro each. :)

green mini skirt - SIZE S

yellow shirt with green number - SIZE XS

grey sweatshirt - SIZE S

Pink sweatshirt with print - SIZE S

purple shirt from Rome with a bow - SIZE S

pink dress - SIZE S

turquoise dress - SIZE S

lavender cardigan - SIZE S

pink shirt - SIZE S

black tank top - SIZE S

turquoise t-shirt - SIZE S

black tank top - SIZE S
super modern tank top with studs - SIZE S

cute shirt with print in front and back - SIZE S

black pullover, super warm - SIZE S

brown jacket - SIZE S
So if you're interested in anything just email me and we will see how much the shipping will be. I think I will receive the payments through Paypal if you're not from Germany.

Hope you're having a lovely day,



  1. Also falls du das Eyeshadowset noch loswerden willst...hier hier hier...ich...*___*
    Sehr sehr sehr gern...

    1. Sie sind toll, toll, toll...danke.:D