Thursday, August 2, 2012

10timesMyself: New series? + Roomtour Video

Hey guys,

So today I uploaded a video about my new room which I have all for myself in our new flat. This is where I store all my books, movies and make-up items. Hope you enjoy this really long video!

But I also wanted to post something on here. So since I show you a few pictures of my younger self in the video, I thought I might put some pictures here of me growing up. So I had different hair colors, different haircuts and different moods. Hope you enjoy this 10timesMyself-Post. :D 

So let's start with my 13-year-old self. I hated pictures... ^^
To get my driver's license I needed glasses. Hot, right? That's me 17 years old.
So my hair was actually pink for a very long time. I'd love to have pink hair again. :D Shall I do it?
This is also me, 18 years old, blond hair and dressed up as a sexy bunny for Bad Taste party. :D My old room was a mess.
I had red hair, too, after I graduated from school.
Do you like this haircut? It was the only time in my life that I wished I didn't do it. :D
I have been addicted to Sue for so long. You inspire me, girl!
I'd love to have my hair black again. Argh.... I don't know.
This is the love of my life. You all know my cat but this one on the picture grew up with me. She was born when I was 4 and died when I was 20. I hope she will always love me.
That's me and my man when I graduated from school. We call that Abiball. Everyone loved my dress. :D

Ok, let me know whether this was fun to watch. I could do these posts every once in a while because I have a million pictures of me. :D

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Take care, bye!

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  1. omg Kitty, thanks so much for sharing all of this pictures you look so different in each of them, this room tour video and this pictures help me out to get to know you better :)
    you look great in the 4th picture, and also with the glasses

    also with pink hair and black.. i see why you cannot decide :)

    thanks again x

    1. Thx for your comment. ^^ The problem with the pink hair is that my hair is too dark right now...