Sunday, July 29, 2012

Used up! Nivea Visage Toner / Gesichtswasser / Tonico Vitalizzante

Hey guys,

I used up another product recently and it is my toner. I used this for several years now because I always shared the bottle with my ex-roommate. When she decided to move I had to finish that bottle all alone, and it took me one and a half year. I bought this bottle when I was in Milan last year that’s why it’s all Italian writing.

I still have a back-up one but now I decided to move on and use something else. But I did not decide that because I think this product is bad. I use it once a day before I go to bed. If I am not wearing a lot of make-up, I often just use this to take it off.

I like the fresh feeling that it leaves on the skin. I used the one for normal or oily skin though I have rather dry skin. But the dry skin one just did not work for me at all.

When I use this my skin really feels more fresh and clean. The scent is really nice, too. Not too overpowering but still fresh and girly. In the bottle there are 200ml which is 7 oz, I believe. So you get a lot for your money. It costs somewhat around 4 Euro.

Would I repurchase this? Well, I did already. And if I can’t find something similar I will. ^^

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Take care, bye!

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  1. use this product too. takes me a month to finish though.. really like the smell.

    1. Really? I use it once a day and I don't need a lot. :D I really suck at using things up fast.