Sunday, July 15, 2012

Used up! bebe Young Care feel good shower gel

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share another product I used up. This last week was really crazy because I used up tons of things. But today I wanna focus on this bebe Young Care feel good shower gel in be lovely. It’s supposed to smell like roses and make your skin feel soft.

I have so many of these shower gels because I always get these as a gift from my step-granny. ^^ I liked the scent. It’s really sweet and girly, not so much like roses or any flower. It’s more like candy, but in a good way. The packaging is nice, it’s easy to open with wet hands underneath the shower.

What’s funny about this is the consistency. It’s really gel-like but if you squeeze out a little bit it can happen that it soaks back in when you stop squeezing. ^^ I thought this was really weird. Sometimes I still thought it was too liquid.

I did not feel any difference in my skin though. I think I have pretty soft skin anyways and I don’t think that this shower gel made any difference. That’s also why I wouldn’t necessarily buy it myself. I think there are more moisturizing shower gels out there for the same prize.

I still have somewhat 10 bottles of this so there is no need to buy shower gel anyway. :D

Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Our weather is like shit but I made a cake for my granny. ^^ Will probably upload that on my upcoming cooking channel.

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Take care, bye!

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  1. Das Duschgel habe ich auch und es riecht einfach nur total klasse ich mag die Bebe Produkte generell sehr gerne