Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To-Go Make-up: Angelique (Dark Shadows)

Hey guys,

Here is the last Crimson Amulet palette look. Now that I did all of them I don’t really know which one is my favorite. ^^ I love them all. But I really do love Eva Green who is Angelique in Dark Shadows.

Her look is great for people with a smaller lid space or hooded eyes. I tried to recreate this look using as little other products as I could. I just forgot the eyeshadow base. So hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Used up! Nivea Visage Toner / Gesichtswasser / Tonico Vitalizzante

Hey guys,

I used up another product recently and it is my toner. I used this for several years now because I always shared the bottle with my ex-roommate. When she decided to move I had to finish that bottle all alone, and it took me one and a half year. I bought this bottle when I was in Milan last year that’s why it’s all Italian writing.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tutti Frutti: Peaches

Hey guys,

Now I wanna show you a very neutral and wearable summer look. It’s peaches and because the color peach is so great for summer I really wanted to do this next. Right now we even have a tiny bit of summer here. :D

The look is not too hard to do. I was mainly inspired by such pictures. So I wanted to do a darker red eyeliner and some darker crease color to go with the shape and coloring of the fruit.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Purchase of the Month: June

Hey guys,

Here we are with a new Purchase of the Month. So this month there are many pictures. Yay. But also the video is really long. Sry. You should still watch it. :D I like it. I swatch nearly all eyeshadows of the NYX Crimson Amulet palette in the video.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Give-away Winners!!!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to quickly announce the two winners of my give-away. I used random.org to find the winners. I wrote down all the people in the order of their first entry and with their number of fortunes. So first prize goes to….

Sandra! I am very happy because I also won some of your give-aways!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To-Go Make-up: Dr Hoffman (Dark Shadows)

Hey guys,

So here’s another green look that I’ve promised. I used my favorite green eyeshadow again which is the Make-upGeek one in Fuji. It’s just beautiful.

So this is the look for Dr Hoffman. She’s a psychologist and she falls in love with Barnabas because he is so different. She hypnotizes him and finds out about his secret. She tries to become a vampire herself and gets killed by Barnabas. But in the end she’s not really dead, is she?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beautystaffellauf: In a man's world

Hey guys,

today's post will basically be in German. There will be an English post for this look, too, when I upload the video. So this is kind of a sneak peek. Have a great day!

Gut, der Rest wird heute mal auf Deutsch sein. Die liebe Sandra hatte es einmal wieder auf mich abgesehen und ich habe quasi eine Einladung zum Beautystaffellauf bekommen. Mein Thema war *In a man's world*. Ehrlich gesagt hatte ich keinerlei Idee. Dann bin ich allerdings über das folgende Video gestolpert, und ich habe beschlossen, ihren Look nachzuschminken, denn in dem Video ist sie der Mann. :D 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

bebe Young Care facial scrub // mildes Waschpeeling

Hey guys,

Today I wanna show you a facial scrub which I used up just recently. I had this for ages honestly and I always forgot about it again. Now I finally finished it. It’s the bebe Young Care 3 in 1 gentle daily scrub. So I used this to exfoliate my face and neck area.

I wouldn’t say it’s gentle but this is the reason why I like it. You can definitely feel the particles in it. It is without soap or alcohol. Still it feels drying on the skin. That’s why I always need a good moisturizer afterwards. I couldn’t use it in winter because my skin is much dryer then.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tutti Frutti: Cherry

Hey guys,

Today’s look is inspired by cherries. I love cherries, I think they’re so tasty. So this look includes a lot of redish-pink eyeshadow and a sweet red lip.

I added some green so it’s not too red. I thought it would just make it look a little brighter and nicer. But you don’t have to think the same way. :D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update and Announcement!

Hey guys,

Today I wanna just share my new cooking channel. I hope you’ll all go and subscribe because I am really excited about this step. I really like cooking and especially baking so it would mean the world to me. I uploaded a little welcome video already which I will post underneath my normal video. I say pretty much the same thing again, just a little bit more about what I wanna post and stuff. So please watch these videos and subscribe if you’re interested. Have a lovely day and I will see you on Saturday for a new tutorial (and also a new recipe, I hope). ^^ There will also be a German blog for the channel, so if you understand German maybe this is also interesting.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To-Go Make-up: Josette (Dark Shadows)

Hey guys,

Ok, I wanna start a small series now showing you the different looks from Dark Shadows. I was inspired by the NYX Crimson Amulet Palette. This first look is Josette. She’s the true love of Barnabas Collins. That’s why she’s killed by Angelique which will be our third look.

As the true love her make-up is very natural and just made to underline her beauty. Still this is a movie by Tim Burton which means that even natural make-up is kind of special. Also her ghost looks a little scarier than this version of her look.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Used up! bebe Young Care feel good shower gel

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share another product I used up. This last week was really crazy because I used up tons of things. But today I wanna focus on this bebe Young Care feel good shower gel in be lovely. It’s supposed to smell like roses and make your skin feel soft.

I have so many of these shower gels because I always get these as a gift from my step-granny. ^^ I liked the scent. It’s really sweet and girly, not so much like roses or any flower. It’s more like candy, but in a good way. The packaging is nice, it’s easy to open with wet hands underneath the shower.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tutti Frutti: Kiwi

Hey guys,

Here’s the second look of my fruit series. I wanted to do another look that has two colors because they’re just easier to do. But next week there will be a one-color-one. ;)

I love kiwis, they’re really tasty and I love the green color. I was not too sure whether I would like the bronzy color with it but I think it looks good and I would definitely wear this to any summer event. ^^ So I hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Purchase of the Month: May

 Hey guys,

Today I wanna share some random purchases of the last weeks. I am really happy with anything I got and I can tell you that there will be so many more things that I will share in the future posts about this because right now I am just going crazy with shopping. xD

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To-Go Make-up: Anime inspired look

Hey guys,

This look was prerecorded a long time ago. May be that this was the first video I recorded in my new room in our new flat, I don’t know. Fact is that I quite liked it but I wasn’t sure whether I should upload it or not.

I really liked the black around the eyes, I think it looks really flattering with my eyeshape. It’s smoky but still kind of warm.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Used up! L'eau d'Issey

Hey guys,

today I wanna do a late Used up! post because I don't really have time right now. Tomorrow is my horrible exam and I'll be so glad when it's done. :)

The product I used up is another sample size of a perfume. I normally don't really think about these so I was shocked when I just checked the prize of the full size (15 ml = 0,5 oz) and it is 130 Euro. That is crazy. And I am honest I would NEVER spend that much on a scent. But still I really like this one. It's by the brand Issey Miyake and it smells really lovely. It is an Eau de Toilette and it stays on quite long. So you don't have to worry that it's fading away after half an hour.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tutti Frutti: Water Melon

Hey guys,

Here’s the new series. I wanted to do some more colorful and summery looks so I thought a fruit series would be really cool. Right now I don’t really know which fruits I will do so if you have any requests let me know. :)

This one is the melon look. I like this fruit a lot in the summer and I love that it has two colors. So it’s really bright and fun. :D I used the Melon pigment by Mac which I got as a gift (it’s not fullsize, but I was soooooooo happy) by Beautykrams. This and the mascara inspired me to do the first look.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tag: Beauty and the Brain

Hey guys,

I just wanted to do this cute tag. Beautykrams-Sandra tagged me, so all the questions are here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

20-Euro-Make-up-Challenge and 2nd Give-away! [CLOSED]

Hey guys,

Today’s post is a little bit special. Today I wanna start my 2nd give-away. I thought I would just give away the things  that I bought for my 20-Euro-Make-up-Challenge. ^^ So here are the rules first:

  1. You have to be a subscriber of my Youtube Channel.
  2. If you comment on the give-away video answering the question, you’ll get 1 fortune.
  3. If you follow my blog and comment down here, you’ll get 1 fortune.
  4. If you follow me on Twitter and tweet about my giveaway (with my name in the tweet) you’ll get 1 fortune.
  5. If you have your own blog and write something about this give-away, you’ll get 2 fortunes.
  6. If you have a Youtube Channel and you’re doing the 20-Euro/Dollar-Make-up-Challenge and post it as a video response, you’ll get 5 fortunes. (You have to mention my channel and give-away in this video!)
  7. This give-away will close on the 24th of July!
  8. It's international!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Used up! Heymountain Bath Tab in Lemon Demon

 Hey guys,

I wanna share another product I used up. I kept it quite a while because I used it up just a few weeks after I got it but I wanted to do the Purchase of the Month with it first.

It’s the Heymountain Bubble Bath in Lemon Demon. I got this as a goodie with my first order. I was really happy because I like having a bath and the smell of lemons. So it was technically perfect.

Dead Icons: Audrey Hepburn

Hey guys,

The last Icons look is Audrey Hepburn. Since I had quite a few neutral-eyes-red-lips looks I wanted to do this more 60s kind of make-up.You can see the original pictures here and here.

It’s pretty similar to the Twiggy one but because of my eyeshape there just not for me. Still I hope you enjoy. :)