Sunday, May 6, 2012

Used Up! bebe relaxing care moisturizer

Hey guys,

Today I wanna present you a new mini series. I read many blogsposts about used up stuff. I love reading these things and that's why I wanna do that, too. Most of the time I am not using up so many things, so I decided to show you one thing at a time. I will try to do these posts sundays but I cannot promise you that I will always have something to show.

First I wanna start with a moisturizer. Obviously I don't know what things you will be able to find in other countries. I just wanna share a few things that I own. If you're really really interested in something and you can't get it where you live, you can offer me to do some kind of a swap and I will try to get it for you.

So the brand I wanna talk about today is bebe Young Care. I am using quite a lot of their stuff because I often get it as a gift. This first moisturizer is called relaxing care day & night cream for all skin types. It seems like there is no silicon in it but parabens. The scent is described as moonflower, vanilla and coconut. They say it's best to use at night because it's very rich. 

I had this moisturizer for a while because for some reason I stopped using it during the summer. Maybe because it is quite rich. First I used it only at night but especially during winter time I need that rich moisturizing stuff for my dry skin. So when I restarted using it, it didn't last very long. The smell - I wouldn't describe it like they do - is really nice. I don't smell something that I could name. It just reminds me of fresh soft skin and my trip to Milan (because I used it there all the time).

The product itself is really nice. It's rich and creamy and makes the skin feel wonderful. I liked that it didn't have silicon in it because that makes my skin feel greasy sometimes. It sinks into the skin so fast and the soft feeling really lasts.

Totally used up!
Would I repurchase it? Definetely, as soon as I have used up all the other moisturizers I own. :D

I wouldn't really recommend it for oily skin but I don't know. Maybe it works just as fine...

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  1. hi Kitty, I love this Used up series I cant wait to see more post about it..