Thursday, April 19, 2012

Purchase of the Month: January

Hey guys,

This is the post of my January purchases. I bought two ebay packages and two blogsale packages. 

Benefit Creams in Get Figgy and Skinny Jeans, Mac Paint Pot in Constructivist, Mac lipstick in Kangarouge

What I got:
  • Baked Blush by Alverde (Copper): It is a dark shimmery coppery blush. It is probably good for medium to dark skin. On me it just looks horrible. The pigmentation is crazy, the shimmer is, too. Not a blush for me.
  • Kron Duett (Zeus and Hera): The colors are really beautiful. On a sticky base they show up amazingly. Check out the Nicky Hilton tutorial to see them in action. I really like them a lot.
  • Sleek blush (Pomegranate): Absolutely in love with this blush. I think I will purchase some more Sleek blushes. The quality is amazing. The only downside is the packaging, these blushes are really hard to open and so they can break more easily.
  • Essence eyeliner pencil (50s girls reloaded): Pigmentation of these is ok. You can’t use them on your waterline and on normal skin they are quite harsh. There definitely not my favorite ones to use.
  • Zoeva Forever Eye Crayon (Barista): It totally surprised me. The color is amazing, comparable to Constructivist Paint Pot by Mac. When it’s set it doesn’t move on the eyes. It’s totally smudge proof. But you have to be really fast in working that in.
  • Estee Lauder lipstick (Pure Plum): This lipstick seems quite old. I don’t know whether I will use it though. They didn’t look that old on ebay. We’ll see. The color is really dark, so not my kind of style.
  • Guerlain lipstick: Same as with the Estee Lauder one. Color is better, but I don’t know whether I will use it.
  • Benefit Creaseless Creams (Skinny Jeans and Get Figgy): I like these products. They are not creaseless, but they are ok. I prefer the Mac Paint Pots still. But the colors are super pretty and I like using them a lot.
  • Mac Paint Pot (Constructivist): As always I am impressed. I love Mac Paint Pots. They are my favorite bases. This one has shimmer – my other two ones don’t. But I like it. It’s pretty dark so I am not using it too often. But still a great color.
  • Mac Lipstick (Kangarouge): A great red color. I really enjoy using it. I’ve worn it a few times now and I feel like it is like any other red lipstick. I don’t really feel like it stays better. But it feels and looks really nice on the lips.
  • Benefit Lipshine (Wild Child): The color is cool, but the taste really got me. I love it. The feeling is great and it’s appropriate for summer and spring. It’s lightweight and you can always taste the fruityness.
Skinny Jeans, Sleek blush Pomegranate, Kron Duo Zeus and Hera, Alverde blush in Copper
Mac Paint Pot Constructivist, Get Figgy, Guerlain lipstick, Estee Lauder lipstick, underneath Benefit Wild Child gloss and Mac Kangarouge lipstick

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