Thursday, April 26, 2012

My 1st Make-up Swap

bottom row: Hello Kitty in 31, Kiko eyeshadow in 102, Minerals will work for you No. 24, W7 The Big Five (4 colors swatched)

Hey guys,

I did a make-up swap with Mika and finally I got to show you the video. :) I was so excited but I had to cut out quite much so it’s not too long. I didn’t try out every product yet but I will try to do that in the future. If you wanna see more about one product let me know. :)
Kiko Extra Volume lipgloss in 10

What I got:
Kiko lipliner in 305
  • Kiko lipglaze in No. 02: The color is not as dark as it looks like. I am wearing this color during the video. It smells a little weird at first but it fades away fast. Nice glossy and slightly sticking lip gloss. I think it stayed on quite a while.
  • Minerals will work for you in 65: The color is amazing as blush and eyeshadow. I used it for the upcoming Dead Icons look (as eyeshadow) and also for the last one (as blush). I really like it a lot but I am afraid that the packaging might get a little messy when I keep using it. ^^
  • Deborah nail polish in Fuchsia: This color is so pink. I really wanted to have it. I am so happy with it. The staying power is ok and the color is AMAZING! ^^
  • Kiko Lose Pigment in No. 11: I wore this color today on top of the On and On Bronze Color Tattoo and as I said it’s amazing. The color is beautiful. It has a great shimmer to it. I looooove it. ^^ It didn’t irritate my eyes, too.
  • Hello Kitty Duo in No. 31: I didn’t really have the time to play with it yet. The colors are great for an everyday-look. I don’t know how much it was, but it’s surprisingly pigmented. I think it’s great for beginners. These colors are great for anything. :)
  • Kiko Eyeshadow in No. 102: I used this eyeshadow today and I love it. The pigmentation is beyond amazing, the color is just my favorite and the packaging is great. It didn’t irritate my eyes and didn’t smudge more than any other color. Love it. Nothing else to say. ;)
  • Minerals will work for you in No. 24: A nice bright yellow color with much shimmer. It looks beautiful swatched and when I see it I wanna do a summer look with it. I am sure I will some day. ;)
  • W7 Palette in The Big Five: The colors look really nice in the pan but swatch quite weak. They also smell a little weird. They’re not paraben-free, so I am afraid that my eyes will react to them. I haven’t tried them on yet. The colors themselves are beautiful. Very pastel and spring inspired.
  • Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in No. 09: The color is beautiful and the pigmentation stunning. I wore it today on my lower lashes and it’s really eyecatching. Doesn’t smudge or something (with eyeshadow on top). I am impressed.
  • Kiko Lip Pencil in No. 305:It’s kind of a vintage color, I think. It’s quite unique, I don’t own anything similar. I thought it would be very dark but on the lips I like it a lot. I also put the lipstick on top (the MUA one) and it looked great.
  • MUA lipstick in Shade 4: The lipstick stole my heart. I love lipsticks in general; I am pretty addicted to them. This color is perfect for spring and summer and I can’t wait to wear it. Staying power is ok and smell is quite nice. Can’t say anything bad about it. :)
  • Deborah nail polish in Fuchsia
  • Kiko Extra Volume lip gloss in No. 10: When you put it on it first smells a little weird but then it’s quite…. Vanilla. ^^ I love the color, nice nude, and the feeling is great. It’s not such a tingling one, quite a normal not sticky lipgloss. I don’t know whether it gives extra volume if you use it every day. ^^

MUA lipstick in Shade 4
Don’t forget those: and

Take care, bye!

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MUA lipstick on top of Kiko lipliner
all swatches
Kiko lipliner, MUA lipstick, Kiko lip glaze, Minerals will work for you No. 65, Kiko lose pigment in 11

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